Friday, June 30, 2023

A very bad day

dry hump


That's Isaiah's THE WORLD TODAY JUST NUTS "The Supreme Court Dry Humps Hate"

The fool that is hate merchant Governor Ron DeSantis keeps losing in court on his efforts to destroy the way of life for Americans.  Michael Wilner and Ana Ceballos (MCCLATHY NEWSPAPERS) report:

“I’ll start off by saying, I told you so,” said Shevrin Jones, the first openly gay person elected to the Florida Senate, representing the 35th District. “At every step during the process of this legislation, I made it clear that what we’re doing is unconstitutional — interfering with the rights of individuals, with the rights of parents and what they want to do with their children.”

“This puts DeSantis’ hate and bigotry on full display,” Jones said. “I’d suggest the governor read the room and the amount of losses he’s experiencing right now.”

DeSantis continues to lean into his fight against “wokeness” and “gender ideology” as he attempts to court conservative voters, including members of politically influential groups, such as Moms for Liberty, a Florida group that has hundreds of chapters across the country.

Moms for Liberty has been at the forefront of battles that have drawn pushback from the LGBTQ community, including restricting access to books in school libraries and efforts to limit how school employees support transgender children who want to socially transition.

Moms For Liberty is a hate group.  Reuters notes:

Critics of Moms for Liberty, including national civil-rights groups, said its focus has moved beyond pandemic-related learning issues toward embracing an anti-LGBTQ and anti-diversity agenda that has brought about measures in several states restricting what can be taught in schools and books they term objectionable being pulled from library shelves.

Such culture war issues have animated parts of the Republican base. Republicans are more likely to back restrictions in the teaching of systemic racism and gender-identity concepts than Democrats and independents, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll conducted in May.

A majority of Americans, however, do not favor banning books from school libraries if they contain content relating to sexual orientation or gender identity, the poll found.

And even for Republicans, as a top issue of concern, education falls well below topics such as the economy and immigration, the poll said.

Advocacy groups such as People For the American Way, ACT UP, Defense of Democracy and a Facebook-based effort called STOP Moms for Liberty organized protests in Philadelphia ahead of the Moms for Liberty conference.

A rally outside the hotel hosting the summit is planned for Friday morning when DeSantis is set to speak.

“This is not about ideology,” said Jazmyn Henderson, a transgender woman with ACT UP. “We are talking about trying to wipe a community of people out of existence, about trying to force us back into the shadows.”

If you missed it, the farce that bigot Jonathan Turley stage-managed (he called it "my personal favorite") made it through the crooked Court.  Lorie Smith, noted hate merchant, bigot and liar, came away with a victory for hate.  She whined that she'd be asked to design a template for gay people!  Oh!  How awful!  She also claimed she had already received a request.  The request she submitted to the Court?  A lie. They falsified evidence and they still won because it's a crooked Court.  We need reform and we need it now.

Joe Biden? He can have my vote if he's going to reform the Court.  I'm all for it.  I want more judges, I want term limits and I want ethical guidelines in writing and the means to hold them accountable.

I also want all GWU students to ask their college why they have a bigot on staff -- one who works behind the scenes with hate groups to fashion test cases to destroy our democracy.

Don't get me started on that grifter Katie Halper who made nice with Scott Ritter on Useful Idiots today -- that would be, though she didn't tell her viewers this, the thrice arrested Scott Ritter, the pedophile convicted in a court of law, the pedophile sent to prison, the pedophile who is now a registered sex offender.  

This is C.I.'s "Iraq snapshot" for Friday:

Friday, June 29, 2023.  Marianne Williamson emerges with an authentic voice and a purpose, BLACK POWER MEDIA sits down with Conel West, DeSantis versus DISNEY continues to go DISNEY's way, and much more.

We're starting again with Marianne Williamson who is seeking the Democratic Party's presidential nomination.

From the discussion above, picking up from yesterday:

@Maebe_A_Girl:  Also, when you were talking about this idea that gay people are trying to 'groom' children, that is very offensive.

Marianne Williamson: Yeah.

@Maebe_A_Girl:  My daughter was born -- She has three gay men who are her godfathers and it never would have occurred to me in a million years that they would be anything other than fantastic godfathers to her. And they absolutely were.  One has now passed and the other two are very close to her and they couldn't have been better.  And they couldn't be better now as godfather figures in her life -- in her life and important.  What you said is so true and I've had a lot of involvement with the gay community -- mainly because of the AIDS crisis -- I've never felt that there was a 'reaching out.'  This is not a proselytizing group, it's kind of like, you do you. 

Marianne Williamson: And so why don't we do something and blame somebody?  Say, "Hey, let's actually look over there and let's talk about how these people are trying to infiltrate our way of life and try to attack our children."  It's such an easy, easy way to get people riled up -- is when you bring children into the matter because, of course, everyone wants to protect children.  LGBTQIA people want to protect children. And that's why we are so outspoken about these issues -- because we, LGBTQIA adults, were once LGBTQIA children and we remember what it was like to be ostracized, to be othered and to be made to feel that we are not worthy because our of our internal identities.  And so I think the whole thing is a huge distraction and there are so many things that we could talk about.  And the fact of the matter is what the GOP is saying that queer people are trying to do to kids is simply false. You know, there are studies.  There are no --  LGBTQIA people in general are no more likely than cis gender -- heterosexual people -- to be pedophiles, to be sexual assaulters.  But because of the fact that LGBTQIA people, a lot of it [what we are] revolves around our sexual identities and our gender identities, the GOP just easily distorts that into this idea of: "Oh, this is all about sex.  Why are you teaching our kids about sex?" And the thing is, I don't want to teach your kids about sex.  I don't even want to talk to your kids.  I just want your kids to know that they are safe and they are loved regardless of whether they are straight, gay, cisgender or transgender, whatever.  We want to create a society where everybody is welcomed and there is not this hierarchy of "Well I'm better than you because I'm straight, I'm better than you because I'm cis-gender."  And that has historically been the battle that queer people have had to fight. And so it's remarkable in many ways and I think that now is the time that we really have to be outspoken about these things in order to create a better life for the kids that are growing up right now.  I -- Again, I can't imagine what it's like to be a middle-schooler or a high-schooler right now, seeing that there are over half-a-thousand anti-LGBTQIA bills moving across the United States.   I don't know what that would do to my self-esteem as a teenager.  And it makes me really worried about -- about these kids.  I've never particularly thought of myself as a young person going into politics.  I got into politics out of necessity. And I started to look around and I started to realize things are changing and not necessarily for the better for particular communities and, in particular, the LGBTQIA community.  And my sort of a-ha moment, if you will, was the Trump election in late 2016.  When the Trump administration started in early 2017, I felt that I needed to -- I felt that I needed to use my platform as a drag performer and as a community figure to promote LGBTQIA rights and to promote our inclusion.  And so I started doing a lot of parodies of folks in the Trump administration.  I did a number of parodies -- you know, Betsy DeVos, Kellyanne Conway, Malania Trump.  And part of the reason that I continue to do this throughout the Trump administration was because I would do these performances which -- in my mind -- they were satirical performances but they were also educational to let you know what was happening.  You're being entertained but also you're learning that the administration is not necessarily -- Actually not even not necessarily but just flat out not on our side.  And I felt that it was really important to draw people in. I think a lot of people are turned off by -- just by the idea of politics.  It can seem really intimidating -- especially if you don't feel like you know everything about politics.  But here's the thing, everybody knows what they feel inside is right or wrong.

Marianne Williamson: Right.

@Maebe_A_Girl:  And this is absolutely in my mind what politics is all about.  I'm here, you know, standing before you having this conversation and I'm running for Congress because I need to let everybody know that I feel this is what I think is right or wrong and if you agree with me vote for me, if you don't agree with me, vote for somebody else.  But I want to live in a world where folks accept and tolerate everybody.  Tolerance?  I'm really starting to really dislike that word because I don't want to just be tolerated, I want to be fully integrated and celebrated, you know?

Marianne Williamson: It still implies judgement. 

@Maebe_A_Girl:  Like "Well, okay, alright, we'll let you in the room. We'll let you in the room but we're not going to let you have the microphone for very long."  And, here's the thing, Marianne, I host drag shows every single week.  I am best on the microphone.  Give me the microphone because I will tell you what I have to say.  And what I have to say is that we deserve -- we deserve  equity and inclusion.  And unfortunately, most of the parents that actually were in the room had kids in the Glendale school district and are in support of LGBTQIA inclusion.  The school board is in support of LGBTQIA inclusion.  And again, this is all age appropriate.  You know, the way that you talk to second graders.

Marianne Williamson: In a democracy, these are considered moderate positions.  What you were saying, though, I agree so much.  If people -- People are living so much on the edge.  People are living just to survive.  70% of Americans now report living with economic stress.  So I agree with everything you just said. 

And we're stopping there.  Yesterday, we noted the first half of the video and the plan was to note the rest.  I had some "[. . .]" in yesterday's and that wasn't me editing anyone, it was skipping.  I thought it might have been the connection but I've streamed it again and it's edits.  Which is fine, but it throws off the last two minutes of the video because there are jump cuts and it's harder to follow.

The full segment is now up at Marianne's YOUTUBE channel and we'll note that video.

So let's talk about what took place with that video: Marianne found her voice and found a reason to argue vote for her.

So many claims that this person (man usually -- Marianne and Republican Nikki Hayley are the only two women currently competing for a political party's presidential nomination) or that is strong.

But strength isn't being a bully which rules out all the GOP hopefuls except for Chris Christie.  Strength also isn't staying silent.  Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is not exhibiting strength when he refuses to stand up for an attacked segment of our country.

It's a segment, yes.  And some can whine, "Such a small one!"  It really doesn't matter the size -- unless you're a size queen -- the issue is are you going to defend those wrongly attacked?

If you want our votes, we need to feel we can trust you, we need to feel if we were wrongly attacked, you would stand up for us.  That's how you show true strength.  You don't just chase a poll, you stand up and speak out for freedoms and democracy.  

If you can't do that, really what can you do?

Marianne also gets that this segment issue is nonsense.  We're not in the atomic age.  We've moved on.  But did we learn anything?  The atomic age was about discovering via splitting things and breaking them up and destroying them.

I see a lot of those types speaking right now and trying to convince you to support them.

Marianne is getting at the reality that it's not the end.  That is not the end.  If that's the end, everything is a broken toy.  The point of addressing the issues in this country is not to divide but to synthesize.  And we need to be able to address issues such as transphobia, such as racism . . .  The Mrs. Max Blumenthals don't get that you have to put it together, you have to pull it together to address any issue.  The Mrs. Max Blumenthals think addressing the war on LGBTQ+ Americans is pulling the focus -- honestly, what focus is there in the United States? -- and detracting from other issues.  No, it's not.  These are interrelated issues.  How we look at one another is directly related to how we look at others.  When we let hate merchants divides us as Americans through othering, we set the trap for them doing the same with foreign countries.  

Marianne is turning her campaign around.  She's showing that she understands how complex and interrelated this all is.  

That's bravery and that's inspiring.

Applause for Marianne.

Normally that's where we stop in the discussion.  Not this time.

Now we're going to talk about the fake asses and how they try to deceive and pretend and all their fakery.  On Twitter, this is the most streamed video that Marianne has posted to Twitter.  It also has reactions.  A lot.  Many are positive and that's great.  But we're going to focus on the negative reactions because I don't like liars and liars have been using the internet for hate campaigns and getting away with it.  Let's review the 'people' leaving negative feedback to Marianne's discussion.

Serious Joint Avatar is just a transphobe and that's all we need to know there. 

@ladywhateve will not support Marianne now because of this video, she insists.  Liar.  You were never supporting her.  You support Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and have done so for weeks.  It's not that hard to find out what you've been writing about online. You're a liar who left a comment trying to make it appear that you were with Marianne or on the fence but then this video! Liar, you have Robert as your background on Twitter.  Lying trash.  You're trying to Bud-Light Marianne.

vic proulx takes time out from his conspiracy theories to insist Marianne is wasting time with this issue.  Well don't waste your time, vic, I'm sure there's some solar flare somewhere turning people into transmutants with super powers and we all so need your expertise on that. P.S. you're a Robert F. Kennedy Jr. supporter and never planned on voting for Marianne -- go away, liar.

HLY SPRT took time away from doing racist Tweets to lament that this isn't a "kitchen table issue."  Clearly, judging by other Tweets, you're another Robert supporter and I hope you are joking with your fears that the government will chemically castrate White people, I hope you're not that racist and that much of a KKK freak.  It may be time for the media to start reporting on the mindset of Robert's supporters.

zombywoof is a Tim Pool freak (right-winger) who is bothered that only a small percent of the population in the US is trans.  And only a small portion is on death row.  The most recent estimate is 2750.  So I guess that means we stop working on that issue as well?  Idiot.

Emma M Tenorio tells Marianne that she just lost her vote -- she's got to protect her children.  Hope Emma plans to protect them from lies because, turns out, Marianne didn't lose Emma's vote, she didn't have it.  Emma's another crazy for Robert and the crazies do him no good.  

KanefireX, community members may remember, was a racist in the '00s and has now resurfaced on Twitter where he still is but is a racist but also now a Michael Tracey fan.  He wants Marianne to know that transgender is all a Marxist ploy.  Thanks for taking time away from bleaching your white sheets to share that, Kanefire X.

PoppingWeasels wants a refund on his 2020 donation.  For what she did this week.  Doesn't work that way but good thing you got behind RFK Jr, right?  Three weeks ago, wassn't it?  Not planning to vote for her but wants people to think this interview sent him reeling.  Liar.

Please grasp, this is what these con artists do.  They pretend they're customers of Target, for example, and are never ever going to Target again because of a Pride display.  They're liars.  By the way, Emma above also wants everyone to go to Target and f**k things up because of the Pride display.  She loves Robert.  Robert, I'm seriously worried about the sick f**ks you are attracting.

DoNotDivideUs is anti-trans as his account listed makes clear and so does the other account from which he posted another outcry Tweet about Marianne interviewing a transgender person.  

Again, we focused on the crazies.  They've been around for sometime.  Liars online who are part of an organized attack machine.  They didn't always attack.  The first time the media ever encountered them was in 2008 when THE NEW YORK TIMES took forever to grasp that the "thousands" of Barack Obama supporters were actually about 150.  It took the paper that long to notice it -- we noticed it right away.  Several of the multiple posters had trouble keeping their identities straight and would get confused as to what they had posted under which name.  (To their credit, a TIMES political reporter did e-mail to say "you were right" when they figured out what was going on.)  It's astroturf and it pretends to be a movement.  They're doing it online right now with the attacks on THE LITTLE MERMAID and DISNEY+ (on those attacks, please read Stan's "Erin Johnson is a racist who writes for SCREEN RANT" and "THE LITTLE MERMAID has brought in twice as much money as what?").  They're trying to create the impression of a wave that's really not there for them.  It's a result of saps like Dana Milbank who saw the 2004 election as his own world of popularity and didn't grasp that he was on a mailing list that was being worked.  How dumb do you have to be?

Rachel Looker (USA TODAY) reports on Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s campaign:

In Norristown, Kennedy condemned the “toxic polarization that is really destroying our country.” Like his father in the 1960s, he lauds a similar crusade, but is instead campaigning on his belief that leaders in the Democratic Party today amplify division and push lies.

The junior Kennedy has his family's name but lacks his ancestors' popularity and is perceived differently in the public eye −in part for pushing anti-vaccine views that are at odds with what government agencies and prominent public health experts say. More diseases, like measles, can occur in communities with pockets of unvaccinated people, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

I've seen you buddy up to Tucker Carlson, Glenneth Greenwald and Matt Taibbi -- transphobes one and all.  Your niece telling me you're not a transphobe and that you do not hate LGBTQ+ people isn't enough.  You need to find your voice.  You've been more than willing to meet with any crazy in the world.  It's time for you to find the voice to defend the most targeted in the community.  You're the one invoking your father -- and you should -- but he wouldn't be silent when a minority population was targeted.  

Some of that, I would say, involves some private conversations.  I think if you appear on some public platforms with them, you offer them critiques -- and again I think you're capacity to do this is greater than folks like ours because of who you are.  But you can engage people in what you were term "loving critiques" on public platforms so that folks can be clear about what your position is as you try to show people and win people over to new positions without necessarily having a huge fight that's good for television but doesn't move people over to certain political positions. [. . .] But if you go to an event that's an event to boost them and you only praise them then of course they're your friend but again I think it diminishes your stature and who you are because it looks like to the rest of us who are seeing it that you're not offering critical love as you stated earlier about some of the organizations and people that you care for but instead it feels as if you're endorsing their platforms and who they are and their ideals 

That's Kamau Franklin offering some wise words to Cornel West (we'll include the video in a moment) that equally apply to Robert. 

Marianne's running a real campaign.  At present, Robert's not.  That is reality.  And. Robert, if your scared that all the crazies will fall away if you defend those in need of defending?  You really aren't your father's son.

At least the crazies are in front of Robert -- not inside him.  Cornel's got crazies all around him as well as inside him.  A number of people have rightly called Cornel a womanizer and expressed serious concerns regarding what he will and won't do with regards to women.  Keesha and I are tracking his statements as a result.  For example, since 'brother' Cornel got into the race?  His Tweets have noted "brothers" 13 times and sisters only 5.  And none together.  There's a reason women are wary of Cornel.  He chooses his own words and this is on him.  He's a wordsmith so his words especially matter.

We'll come back to Twitter in a second.  BLACK POWER MEDIA interviewed Cornel this week -- their second interview since he announced he was running to win the Green Party's presidential nomination -- which the Green Party will decided in the summer of next year.  Kamou's quote earlier is from the video below.

The interview is noted at the top of yesterday's morning's THE REMIX MORNING SHOW below.

No problem streaming THE REMIX MORNING SHOW, but I've only gotten through parts of the episode with the interview in it.  I have the same aversion that I had when Bully Boy Bush would be on TV.

And for those convinced Cornel is running a great campaign -- what world are you living in -- let's note the Tweet that Cornel has pinned to the top of his Twitter feed.

He's not even The People's Party nominee now.  In yesterday's REMIX (above) it's rightly noted by Renee Johnston that his campaign website is out of date and needs to be updated.  Yes, and so does his Twitter feed. 

Transgender people have always existed.  Some Native American tribes saw them as healers.  In terms of non-native Americans, it shouldn't be that difficult for people to grasp the term "intersex" -- when people are born with both sets of sex organs.  We've noted this before and that, for decades, parents would then choose whether or not a child would be a boy or a girl.  Julie Cohen is the director of EVERY BODY -- a documentary we've noted here and in the community newsletters which deals with intersex persons.  David Oliver (USA TODAY) reports on the documentary (opens this Friday) and notes:  


This early surgical intervention is still happening to kids, hence the need for more education. While the documentary certainly covers this trauma, it offers hope through the eyes of activists.

Everyone's story is different. Some people's parents discover they are intersex when they're born but others do not know until puberty or beyond. Roth Weigel, for example, had internal testes and a vagina at birth. The protocol was to remove the testes – effectively castrating her.

Intersex people are often told to keep quiet about their identities which can make living their lives tricky, especially when it comes to dating and sex. It's ultimately up to individuals whether they want to come out and feel safe to do so.

Even among progressive circles the word "intersex" leave many scratching their heads. Cohen says: "I was a little floored by how many people just in the dinner party conversations that you have ... including people that are in the therapy world are like, 'Oh, yeah, intersex? What's that again? Is that like trans or kind of like trans?' Come on people. Get it together!" (Granted, LGBTQ+ terminology has only become very mainstream the last decade or so.)

"There's a huge lack of information," Wall adds, "and there is ignorance, and there's also willful ignorance."

While the community is fighting for legislative change to protect intersex kids, they're also figuring out what intersex culture really looks like.

"There's enough time where trans people have been in community where there's trans culture. You can talk in a similar language. Intersex people haven't been together and healed enough to be able to understand what it means to be in joyful community with each other," Gallo says.

It is past time for people to grow up and grasp the world we live in.  

And for the American Taliban to grasp how crazy they are and how crazy people around the world are just like them.  ALJAZEERA notes that there was a rage in Baghdad yesterday with crazies running around screaming (over a holy book burned in Sweden) which resulted in Moqtada's cult screaming and burning LGBTQ flags.  Crazy, sick people.  First, they can't mind their own business.  They don't live in Sweden, it's nothing to rage over.  But that's the Taliban, even if you live in another country, you must do what they say.  Second, blame the LGBTQ+ because you have to have a scapegoat apparently.  

This is the climate that poisons.  James Factora (THEM) reports:

Chanell Perez Ortiz, a 29-year-old Afro-Latina trans woman, was shot and killed in Carolina, Puerto Rico over the weekend. She is at least the 13th trans or gender-nonconforming person to be reported killed in the U.S. this year, according to Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents.
Also known as Uvita, Ortiz was a cosmetologist who loved fashion, makeup, and hair, according to her social media and an interview with her stepmother by WAPA TV.

According to Telemundo Puerto Rico, Ortiz was shot to death early Sunday morning on the highway behind a university in Carolina, just east of the capital city of San Juan, where seven to eight bullet casings were identified at the scene. Although media reports have misgendered and deadnamed her, Police Commissioner Antonio López Figueroa said the murder was being investigated as a transfemicide in a statement to Telemundo Puerto Rico.

“The agents are working on the investigation process that will lead to determining the true motive for death,” Figueroa told Telemundo. “As our duty dictates in all cases of violent deaths, we will not stop working until we clarify this death.”

This is about people's lives.  In ten years, when we're all the same page, I don't want one of these jerks to be forgiven -- not on the right and certainly not on the left.  These jerks have mocked transgendered people, they have fun of them.  They have treated this as all a big joke.  And it's not a joke and it's not funny.  I don't know which of them is more worthy of our scorn -- the ones who are right wing hate merchants and would have only found someone else to target if they stepped back or the ones on the left who are mocking?  And what do we say about the 'great silent' on the left?  YOUTUBERS and writers who could be speaking out but stay silent -- because they're partners with a YOUTUBER who makes fun of transgenders?  Because they want to keep the key to the clubhouse?  The key to the clubhouse is especially motivating the token women who got into the clubhouse and know that their membership could be terminated at any point.  So they stay silent and support these toxic males and hope and pray that we don't catch to their hypocrisy.

Across the US, legislatures are trying to undo the rights of trans people.  Colleen Marshal (WCMH) reports on Ohio:

It’s legislation that’s been closely watched by a self-described, life-long conservative Republican and his transgender son, who said it’s not external pressure, but an internal struggle.

“I did it because I knew it was the right, next-best thing in my life and I wouldn’t have done it if it wasn’t fully something that my heart and my mind and my spirit told me was the best thing for me,” said Ashton Colby. “So absolutely no pressure. And I’m so happy I did transition.”

“Transgender people, the folks that I’ve met, dear souls, young people trying to figure it out, you know, deep crisis,” said Rick Colby, Ashton’s father. “And a lot of times, it’s a spiritual crisis: ‘Who am I? Why am I here?’ And they’re trying to figure it out, and to see this assault wave of rhetoric against them…”

Rick Colby has been a loyal Republican since Ronald Reagan was in the White House, but he doesn’t recognize the party that’s expending so much time and energy opposing trans rights.

Noted transphobe and hate merchant Jonathan Turley, the bigot of GWU, has lied repeatedly and has also commented on things he knows nothing about.  Why?  He's a schill for Ron DeSantis and the right-wing, American-Taliban section of the Republican Party.  He really needs DISNEY to fail due to his own personal obsessions.  So he has lied and lied again.  He's ignored studios in real trouble -- PARAMOUNT+ -- in his efforts to smear and attack DISNEY.  How's that working out for him Shannon Power (NEWSWEEK) reports:

Despite DeSantis waging war on Disney however, the public appears to still have positive feelings toward the company.

In fact, nearly 50 percent of people surveyed in research for a Newsweek poll viewed Disney in a "favorable" or "very favorable" light.

In research conducted by Redfield and Wilton, 1,500 eligible U.S. voters were asked: "To what extent, if at all, do you have a favorable or unfavorable view of Disney?"

A total of 46 percent of those polled said they had positive feelings about the company, with 20 percent saying they had a "very favorable" view and 26 percent saying their view of Disney was "favorable."

That is in comparison to 13 percent who had an "unfavorable" view of the company.

The poll which was carried out on June 25, found 11 percent of people had a "very unfavorable" view of Disney while 24 percent were on the fence with neither a "favorable nor unfavorable" opinion.

A further six percent of the respondents said they did not know what view they held of Disney.

The poll of popular opinion is not the only battle Disney is winning against DeSantis, its social media has also had a boost over the past month.

Disney gained 44,742 new Twitter followers in the 30 days up to June 21, bringing its total to almost 10.3 million, according to the social media statistics website Social Blade.

It witnessed a further boost on Instagram, where Disney gained 278,550 followers in the same amount of time. Disney's official Instagram account now has 37,975,982 followers, making it the 199th most followed account on the social media platform.

And at MARKETWATCH, Charles Passey notes that DISNEY is seen as the second most patriotic brand in the US:

But Disney claimed the second spot for the second year in a row — which could be seen as somewhat surprising in light of the public clashes it has had with Florida Gov. and Republican presidential hopeful Ron DeSantis over its political views. Disney has opposed the state’s “Don’t Say Gay” legislation, and DeSantis has responded with a number of oversight and other measures affecting Disney’s operations in Florida. This led Disney to sue DeSantis, claiming the prospective Republican presidential candidate waged a “relentless campaign to weaponize government power” against the company. And Disney has also scrapped plans on a roughly $1 billion investment in a new corporate campus in Florida that would have relocated more than 2,000 employees.


We're going to wind down with a video.

Several e-mails complaining about the above -- public e-mail, not the one for community members.  Are these drive-by e-mails or are people being sincere?

I have no idea.  But if you're expecting me to tsk-tsk Olayemi Olurin over the video, let me disappoint you.

First off, if I'd weighed in yesterday, my commentary might upset you more than her's did.  

Secondly, even if you don't agree with her, I hope you understand that she was speaking honestly.  We need to all listen to one another better.  

Third, "It is not effective!" one person snaps in an e-mail.  What is it supposed to be effecting?

It may just be an attempt to share and be received by others who feel the same.  

This is a serious topic and it has upset a lot of us.  The Supreme Court is out of control, precedents no longer matter, everything is on a whim and the cabal works overtime to shred the rights of American people.

I'd say that's pretty good reason to be outraged.

If you'll go back and listen and if you were sincerely someone who supported Olayemi in the past, as eight of you insist, I hope you'll understand what she's sharing and why.

And before we can ever move forward -- 'effective'ly -- we need to understand each other.

Again, I have no problem with what she said, sorry.

We can all learn from it.   Because no one owes you their vote.  No one.  A vote belongs to an individual.  The individual can use it however they want.  So it's wrong to assume that the Democratic Party is owed your vote or any political party is owed your vote.  It's also wrong to assume that because, as women, some of us get this or that, that all women -- or all White women -- get the same thing or feel the same way.  White women do not owe anyone their vote.  Asian women do not owe anyone their vote, etc, etc.  

If you want to appeal to people you feel are missing the point, you need to make the case to them.  

This was not the time for that.  That's what we work on after we get off our chests what's bothering us.  

You can't get to that step without being honest about your reaction.  Olay was honest and I thank her for that and I celebrate her for that.  The anger she feels is echoed by so many of us, the Court becomes more illegitimate with each passing day.  The frustration is understandable.  I have no problem with what she said or with what she shared.  


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