Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Let's demand Medicare For All

The House of Representatives held a vote on impeachment of the president today.

It was 95 for and 332 against.

That 332 included 137 Democrats.

So 137 Democrats voted not to impeach.

Does that mean we can drop this nonsense?

We need Medicare For All.  That's a need.  We need to focus on real things.  There are candidates who are promising some form of it: Bernie Sanders, Tulsi Gabbard and Elizabeth Warren among them.

Joe Biden's saying no way is it happening.

I don't give a damn about impeachment.  I do care that we get the healthcare we need.

If we're not screaming right now for Medicare For All, we're not going to get it.

This is C.I.'s "Iraq snapshot" for Wednesday:

Wednesday, July 17, 2019.  Joe Biden lies about Iraq while a US Senate Subcommittee holds a hearing on Iraq.

"If you noticed, when I was Vice President, the President gave me all the easy jobs. (laughter) Like, take care of getting all our troops out of Iraq, which we did. Take care of it etc."

That's Joe Biden speaking on the campaign trail.  Bently Elliott (GRABIEN NEWS) notes he's lying.  At least he didn't use "withdrawal" again.  Leon Panetta and Martin Dempsey had real problems with him tossing out that word back in the day.  It wasn't a withdrawal, it was a draw down.  And about the only reporter who got that right in real time was Ted Koppel who reported on at NBC (on their quickly cancelled program ROCK CENTER WITH BRIAN WILLIAMS) and on NPR (primarily on the also cancelled TALK OF THE NATION).  We covered it in real time.

Joe's lying again.  All US troops never left Iraq -- that's why it was a "draw down" and not a "withdrawal."  And more were sent back in.  Now Joe's bragging about his accomplishment in Iraq and he's lying so it's time for the press to get serious about Joe and Iraq.  Will they?  Probably not.  They've lied so long, they don't know what the truth is.

The Iraq War started with lies and it's needed lies to keep it going.

Apporva Mittal (MILITARY TIMES) offers:

To counter Iran’s growing influence in the Middle East, the U.S. must maintain a strong diplomatic and military presence in neighboring Iraq, experts from the State Department and the Pentagon said at the first Senate hearing on Near East subcommittee Tuesday.
Over the years, Iran has expanded control in the Middle East region by investing heavily in Iraq, according to Joan Polaschik, deputy assistant secretary for the Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs at the State Department.

The U.S. spent $20 billion between 2003 and 2011 on the Iraqi military, but it wasn’t enough to stop the rise of the Islamic State group and its attacks against Iraq, which required spending another $5 billion, Michael P. Mulroy, deputy assistant secretary of defense for the Middle East, told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. He noted that expenditure on U.S. troops in Iraq had gone down from $150 billion years in 2008 to $15 billion in 2019.
Yesterday afternoon, the hearing took place and was entitled "Iraq: A Crossroads of US Policy."
Near East Subcommittee of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.  The Subcommittee Chair is Senator Mitt Romney and the Ranking Member is Chris Murphy.  Appearing before the Subcommittee was the State Dept's Joan Polaschik (Acting Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary, Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs) and the Defense Dept's Michael P. Mulroy (Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for the Middle East).
Getting to the point of the war, Mitt early on lamented, "We note that Iraq has significant natural resources but it fails to exploit them."  He also lamented that a $53 billion deal made with ExxonMobil "was placed on hold."  He was back to lamenting the ExxonMobil deal in his first question as he offered that the deal would have been "a major connection between our nations."  Mitt Romney, the Senator from ExxonMobil.
Let's note that Senator Chris Murphy admitted, "ISIS is not fully defeated."  The press lied about that.  We didn't lie here.  When 'victory' was being proclaimed by every US outlet, we said ISIS wasn't gone.  It took US President Donald Trump attempting to take a victory lap on ISIS' 'defeat' for the press to finally tell the truth.  
Let's note that Barack sent more US troops back into Iraq because the US 'had' to defend Iraq from ISIS.  ISIS has been the latest lie/excuse/cover for US troops being in Iraq.  This hearing was a 'pivot' where the 'need' is now to prevent Iranian influence in Iraq.
Prevent Iranian influence in Iraq?  Maybe Donald can 'build that wall' between Iraq and Iran because they are neighbors who share a border -- and that was sarcasm.
Ranking Member Chris Murphy:  Of course there can't be any enduring victory over ISIS in Iraq without political stability.  The Iraqi government will need to rebuild decimated cities and help millions of civilians that are displaced. The Iraqi government will need to resolve territorial and resource disputes with the Kurdistan Regional Government. They need to tackle corruption, improve service delivery, diversify the economy, integrate militia groups. If this sounds like a familiar prescription for success, it's because it is.  The political mission inside Iraq is the one that America has unfortunately failed at over and over. The military successes, they come a little bit easier. We’ve spent a lot of money in Iraq, averaging about $1.2 billion annually in recent years to train and equip Iraqi security forces and billions more in economic assistance, humanitarian aid, and lines of credit.  But, looking back on the trends of U.S. assistance to Iraq, there's a pattern. Huge spikes in military and non-military assistance levels in response to outbreaks of violence in the country. And then dramatic drop-offs once victory is declared, only to see this cycle repeat.

It does sound familiar, Chris, and it has taken place over and over.  The 'surge' is only one infamous example.  Bully Boy Bush sent more US troops into Iraq.  They were supposed to address the instability -- this was actually ethnic cleansing -- which would allow the Iraqi politicians to address the issues that needed addressing.  And, of course, to meet those benchmarks.  Remember the benchmarks?  No more US funding if the Iraqi government didn't meet those benchmarks.

They never met them.

The US military did provide 'stability' or whatever but the military push was not matched by Iraqi government movement or a diplomatic push.

So the 'surge' was a success in terms of the military but a failure in terms of its overall intent.

That has happened over and over.

And what about those benchmarks?

Iraq's never met them.  To this day.  Why are we still funding that corrupt government -- let alone providing US troops to protect it?

What is success in Iraq?  What ends this war and allows US troops to return home for good?

If you think Chris Murphy is going to provide any solution, you're kidding yourself.

Ranking Member Chris Murphy:  Listen, I opposed the Iraq war. But I also understand that we have a moral obligation as a country to help fix a nation that we played a leading role in breaking. So we need to reassure the Iraqis that we're invested in their long term stability and success.

We're back to that nonsense?

Back in December of 2004 (in "SHOULD THIS MARRIAGE BE SAVED?"), we were addressing that nonsense.  We'll use the shorter comparison instead of going into that again.  You come to my home for a party and you spill red wine on my white carpet.  You then try to 'fix' it and only succeed in making the stain worse.  I don't want you to stay, I don't need your 'help.'  I want you out of my home and out now.

Chris Murphy is an idiot.  We are what has prevented any resolution in Iraq.  Nouri al-Maliki and all the ones after him know that the US will protect the prime minister and the puppet government he surrounds himself with.  Because of that, they refuse to address the needs of the Iraqi people.

These are not leaders the Iraqi people have selected, grasp that.  In no country would people vote over and over to be ruled by cowards who fled their country.  That's all Iraq's had for prime ministers.

Chris wants to talk "moral obligations" when he can't even be honest.  What a liar.

Where are the benchmarks?

They were never met.  They were put in place to justify continued support for Iraq.  But they were never met.

Joe Biden and other idiots are saying we can't have Medicare For All in the US.

Medicare For All should be a right.  Joe wants to offer nothing but the past and his plan doesn't work and doesn't protect.

  • New study from ’s concludes: “During the first 10 years of Bidencare, over 125,000 unnecessary deaths will occur from uninsurance.”

    Joe Biden’s New Health Plan Isn’t Just Bad — It’s Deadly

    125,000 people is a lot of people

    People like Joe say there's not money for Medicare For All.  Well where's the money going? Americans pay taxes.  Where's the money going?  At yesterday's hearing, Chris Murphy noted that up to 2011, the US government spent 20 billion on training the Iraqi military and "Since 2014, we've spent another five billion dollars."

    That's just for training the Iraqi military.  That doesn't count billions given to the corrupt government -- billions that never benefited the Iraqi people.

    "So the logical question is what are we doing differently?" Chris asked.  He should be demanding measures for success.  That's what led to the benchmarks that were never met.  To this day, they have not been met.  Why are we still funding this nonsense?

    And why are US troops still in Iraq?  When do they get to leave?  The closest thing to an answer was provided by Mulroy who insisted that once Iraq has "economic development that lasts" that will mean they are "not so dependent upon US military support."

    We'll probably cover more of the hearing later this week.  If you hear that the US has only 15 State Dept "staffers" in Iraq, note that the number was repeated over and over in the hearing but Polaschik refused to confirm that or any other number in an opening hearing -- she cited safety concerns.  The number of State Dept staff has dropped in Baghdad -- how much it has dropped was not established on the record.

    Before we leave the topic of Iraq, we'll note this violence in breaking news.

    BREAKING: Three Turkish diplomats killed in Iraq's Erbil - security sources

    Turkish diplomat killed in shooting in Iraq's Arbil: police

    BREAKING — 1 Turkish diplomat was killed, 2 others wounded in an armed attack at a restaurant in Iraq's Irbil: Anadolu Agency

    Joe Biden is one of 25 candidates seeking the Democratic Party's presidential nomination.  With all the billions the US government has spent on Iraq and the billions it continues to spend, this is not a minor issue.

    It's a shame that press continues to treat it as a minor issue.  Joe Biden needs to be asked serious questions about what he did on Iraq -- especially on the decision to overturn to the vote of the Iraqi people in 2010 and especially on all that followed as a result of that decision.  Yes, that includes the rise of ISIS but that's not all that it includes.

    Even JACOBIN's recent look on Joe and Iraq did not go far enough.

    Joe Biden didn’t just vote to invade Iraq — he worked hard alongside George W. Bush to persuade the public to back it.

    The following sites updated:

    Tuesday, July 16, 2019

    Medicare For All is a need

    If the Democratic Party -- meaning super delegates and other crooks -- go with Joe Biden, they better accept that some of us will not be voting for him.

    His vote for the Iraq War, his war on Medicare For All?  Why would I support him?

    I'm a nurse.  I know we need Medicare For All.  I know ObamaCare is garbage.  We had it in my state first when Mitt Romney was our governor.  It's crap. 

    We need Medicare For All.

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      I support Bernie Sanders Medicare for all Healthcare.
    2. Even Newsweek is calling Biden a liar on Medicare for All. Joe Biden Is 'Dangerously Close to Using Republican Talking Points', Says Ex-Clinton Adviser
    3. Replying to 
      why do you keep lying about Medicare for All, Joe?

    1. It’s been cited in The WaPo (not Bernie friendly) that Joe Biden’s comments about Medicare for All mirror right wing talking points, so yes this does matter. People are dying at the expense of a for profit, health system. This DOES NOT happen in ANY OTHER modern nation.
    2. Biden says people will lose Medicare under Medicare for All. That is incredibly disingenuous, it is absurd. They will get a huge expansion of the benefits of Medicare.
    3. Poll after poll shows that a majority of Democrats support Medicare For All. Joe Biden is not being a team player when he blatantly lies about it.
    4. Replying to   and 
      Was obama also not a team player last month when he said “ democrats are also running on good new ideas, like MEDICARE FOR ALL” I wish I didn’t understand how this happens, how you can be so out of touch, but your SMUG DC elitism isn’t complicated, it’s obvious, tired and bad.

    1. Replying to 
      you’re wrong. Medicare For All offers us EVERYTHING the ACA did & MORE. Equal treatment regardless of income. We want ✌🏻❤️🔥

    This is C.I.'s "Iraq snapshot" for Tuesday:

    Tuesday, July 16, 2019.  Joe Biden can't lead when he's always staring over his shoulder at the past.

    Joe Biden continues to sink as he seeks the Democratic Party's presidential nomination.  With his past plagiarism well known and with it having led to his dropping out of a previous race for the nomination, you'd think he'd be more careful.  But you don't know Joe.

    Joe Biden, plagiarizing Obamacare speech.

    Of all things to plagiarize, he goes with the lie.  That was the promise before and it ended up not being true.  But Joe's repeating it again.  Oh, the things that come out of Joe's mouth.

    Joe Biden once warned that without 'orderly integration,' his children would 'grow up in a racial jungle'. Democrats always accuse others of what they,Themselves believe.

    From Kathryn Krawczyk (THE WEEK):

    Yet he also "promoted nearly a dozen pieces of legislation" aimed at limiting federal busing programs, and despite his claims otherwise, outright said "I oppose busing" in 1975, the Times reports. And in 1977, Biden made a particularly questionable argument against using busing to achieve integration.
    The quote comes from a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on the "busing of schoolchildren," during which Biden vehemently argued for a bill that would remove a U.S. court's power to "issue school transportation orders based on race, color, or national origin," per a congressional summary. Biden said part of the bill's goal was to ensure "orderly integration" with agreement between Congress and federal courts.

    "A racial jungle"?  Oh, Joe.

    There is some good news though.  Joe has finally found someone he's against.  This is the Joe Biden who gave Bully Boy Bush a prize last year, this is the Joe Biden who spoke warmly of his segregationist pals.  But he's finally found someone he doesn't want to work with, someone he draws a line on.  And who is that group?

    Joe Biden draws line against progressives on health care

    Yes, Joe's trying to sucker punch progressives.  That's who he decides to battle.  And doesn't that just say it all?

    Who will be the most active in getting people to vote?  The progressives.  And Joe wants to attack them.  He's running a campaign of stupidity.

    And the press is certainly letting him get away with a lot.  Take Saturday's announcement.

    Joe Biden on his vote for the Iraq war: The "mistake I made was trusting" former President George W. Bush



    He never takes accountability.  He blames everyone else.  And using "The village idiot tricked me" as an excuse really doesn't speak to your character or intelligence.

    He comes off like Ross, "I got tricked into all those things."

    But if Bully Boy Bush tricked you into making a mistake, why in the world would you present him with an award and gush that you've "always respected" him?  This was not years ago, this was November of last year, eight months ago.

    Someone lies and tricks you, that's how you stand up to them?

    He's a weak ass.  And he needs to be called out on this but the press is just going along with it.

    His attacks on Medicare For All should send him packing.

  • Biden basically deploys Trump’s “Medicare for none” attack on M4All

    First part of this was literally a Paul Ryan talking point in 2018

  • Biden’s 2020 strategy is shaping up to be “cynically lie to old people, repeatedly, using rightwing talking points”

  • The weird part about this messaging is that Obama said last fall that M4All was a “good” idea. “Democrats aren't just running on good, old ideas like a higher minimum wage. They're running on good, new ideas like Medicare for all”

    What if you get fired

    “More than three-quarters of Democratic-leaning adults — 77 percent — said they favored a universal program, and 66 percent supported this option even if no private insurance were available, according to a recent Washington Post-ABC News poll.”

    At the end of the day, you’ve either got to be on the side of the people or the side of the health insurance companies. I know which side I’m on.

    That really should be the last straw.  He's refusing to provide a basic need.

    While Joe's living in the past, Bernie's fighting today.

    BernieSanders: Let me be as clear as I can be. The possible shutdown of Hahnemann Hospital has nothing to do with health care, and everything to do with greed.




    Pictures from Bernie Sanders rally at Hahnemann Hospital

    Sen. Bernie Sanders: "I will be very soon introducing legislation in the Senate to establish a $20 billion emergency trust fund to help states and local communities purchase hospitals that are in financial distress."



    Bernie has plans, Joe's just got the past.  Along with Senator Bernie Sanders, US House Rep Tulsi Gabbard is also seeking the Democratic Party's presidential nomination.

    As president, I’ll invest the $30 billion/year given to Big Oil into developing renewable energy. I'll always put your interests, our planet, & our national security first—not the interests of powerful corporations, war profiteers, and foreign governments.

    0:14 / 0:52

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