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Diets, food, the need to support the teachers striking in LA

U.S. News & World Report, a noted authority on both ranking things and consumer advice, has named the Mediterranean diet the best diet for 2019, and for good reason.
In this age of restrictive eating regimens like keto and paleo, the Mediterranean diet offers a long-term plan that you may actually be able to sustain. Unlike diets that seem to eliminate more ingredients than they allow, the Mediterranean diet serves more as a list of what you should eat than what you shouldn’t.
And its benefits aren’t limited to weight loss ― studies have proven that it can help you live a longer, healthier life. Doctors have prescribed the Mediterranean diet for people suffering from heart disease, depression and dementia.

If you are looking for an eating plan or diet, Weight Watchers and the Mediterranean Diet were the two big ones picked by the medical community.  Keto was not in the top five.

Blair e-mailed to note this mac & cheese recipe.

Use it if you'd like, I'm not reposting.  The carbs alone should bother you -- 61 grams in a cup serving.  And that 1 cup serving is 762 calories.  1 cup is 762 calories.  Are you planning on eating anything else for the day?

I'm sorry, it's a ridiculous recipes.  Yes, it tastes buttery and melty and blah blah blah because it's filled with crap that's bad for you.  You do not, for example, need half-and-half to make mac and cheese.  C'mon. 

Mac and cheese is popular.  I made it for my kids all the time.  I'd often bake it.  I wouldn't use half and half or bread crumbs.  I'd boil my noodles, place them in a pan, add some vegetables.  I might chop onions, celery, etc.  And I'd layer it with some cheese -- actual cheese, not cheese whiz.  Pop it in a 350 oven until it was warm and bubbly and the kids would love it.  I'd add vegetables to it because it was a way to get them to eat them without complaining.  I'd also sometimes add some slices of green and red apples. 

I'm not opposed to mac and cheese.  Not by any means, I love it myself.  But I am opposed to a cup of something that's going to eat up all the carbs of someone's full meal (if they're diabetic and watching carbs as a result).

Moving on, I stand with the teachers in Los Angeles.  I hope you do as well.  They are striking for better conditions and wages.  We should all be on the picket lines.  WSWS reports:

More than 33,000 Los Angeles teachers continued their strike for a second day, Tuesday. In spite of rain, tens of thousands arrived for a mass demonstration in downtown at the headquarters of the California Charter Schools Association.
While the United Teachers of Los Angeles (UTLA) works in collaboration with the school district, the mayor’s office and the state government to shut down the strike as quickly as possible, teachers are expressing strong sentiment to continue their struggle.
While teachers in Los Angeles are on strike, hundreds of teachers in Oakland announced they would launch a wildcat sickout this coming Friday while teachers in Denver, Colorado, will be voting on strike authorization this coming Saturday.
World Socialist Web Site reporters went to picket lines during the second day of the strike.
Alison is a senior at Phineas Banning High School. She denounced LAUSD and the state of California for being unable to serve students’ basic needs. “It’s ridiculous,” she said, “that we have to learn and be taught in this way. Our teachers come and work all day to teach us, are paid 6 hours for 8 plus hours of work, and still struggle to meet ends.”
She continued, “Sometimes kids don’t even have desks in their classes. My AP History class doesn’t have enough textbooks for the whole class and my AP Chemistry class doesn’t have enough text equipment for us to finish labs on time.”

Students need text books and they need desks.  These are not 'greedy' teachers trying to get a latte machine in the breakroom.  These are brave individuals who fight for our kids.  We need to stand with them.  We should always demand that our children have school desks and the needed school books.  That should always be an automatic for all of us.

Tens of thousands of Los Angeles teachers and their supporters manned picket lines and marched downtown yesterday on the second day of the strike by 33,000 educators in America’s second largest school district. The walkout has generated widespread public support and growing calls for the spreading of the strike throughout California and more broadly.
For the second day in a row, as many as 50,000 strikers, parents and students converged on the city center, this time in front of the headquarters of the California Charter Schools Association. They were joined by 75 teachers who walked out at three charter schools operated by Accelerated Schools. Another 900 unionized charter school teachers have been kept on the job by the United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA).
There are growing calls by teachers throughout California and beyond for joint strike action. Teachers in Oakland are planning sickouts Friday to oppose threats by school officials to close one-third of the district’s schools, even as they expand privately run charter schools. Teachers in Denver, Colorado will be voting for strike action on January 19, and thousands of educators in Virginia are planning a mass rally in Richmond on January 28.
Like they did during the teachers’ rebellions last year in West Virginia, Oklahoma, Arizona and other states, the leaders of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) and the National Education Association (NEA) are attempting to isolate teachers in Los Angeles and prevent the broadening of the strike across the state and the country. On the eve of the strike, AFT President Randi Weingarten, who is currently in Los Angeles, tweeted, “This is not about a strike wave—this is a specific fight for the kids & public schools of LA.”
But Los Angeles teachers are not fighting a local fight. They are confronting powerful financial and political forces, including the Eli Broad Foundation, that are conducting a nation-wide conspiracy, with the backing of both corporate-controlled parties, to dismantle and privatize public education. That is why LA teachers cannot fight this battle alone.

There are people who are very real enemies of our teachers, our children, our workers.  These people have names like Arne Duncan.  Remember him?  Barack's buddy with the creepy smile.  If he had his way, our entire education system would be privatized and for-profit.  Jesse Starkey (Common Dreams) reports:

Literally tens of thousands of Los Angeles public schoolteachers and support staff are on strike this week, demanding that the wealthy elites who run LA’s school district address the desperate need for more resources and supports for their students. But just weeks before the strike began, former U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan wrote an op-ed in The Hill essentially telling educators to back off their demands because there’s not enough money to fund them – even though those public school educators live in one of the wealthiest states in the nation.
Let’s be clear. Arne Duncan has never taught a day in his life. He sent his children to an elite private school with small class sizes and great resources. He landed his job as CEO of Chicago Public Schools through insider ties—where he pushed policies that hurt our public school students’ access to the very same resources his own children had. He’s pushed endlessly for school privatization, and he’s been a national proponent of the teacher blame game as a way to dodge the real need for more resources for public education. Now he wants to silence Los Angeles teachers who are demanding the very supports for their students that Duncan’s children received—in a state with the fifth largest economy on the planet.

Arne Duncan needs to ride off -- ride off on the stick in his ass.  He is not our friend.  He is certainly not our children's friend.  If Mr. 1% wants to do that to the children of the 1%, have at it.  But let's make clear that our children, the 99%, are not going to be screwed over by some greedy vultures.

This is C.I.'s "Iraq snapshot" for Wednesday:

Wednesday, January 16, 2019.  In Iraq, the war continues -- maybe even heats up -- but in the US the media is as useless as it was in the lead up to 9/11 attacks.  It can offer useless gossip, it just can't cover the most basic events of the day.

Patrick Martin (WSWS) observes:

When President Trump made a prearranged call in to Jeannine Pirro of Fox News during her Saturday night program, she asked him, in a joking tone, “Are you now or have you ever worked for Russia, Mr. President?” Pirro was clearly phrasing the question as a way to mock the media assault spearheaded by the Times, and Trump responded in kind, denouncing the question as “the most insulting thing I’ve ever been asked.”
The Times and its media chorus responded, however, as Senator McCarthy would have. “Aha,” they declared, “Trump didn’t answer the question directly. He’s hiding something!” The newspaper’s web site noted the exchange with Pirro on Sunday, writing, “Mr. Trump did not directly answer the question.”
This became the media mantra over the next 24 hours.
The Associated Press: “[T]he president avoided directly answering when Pirro asked whether he currently is or has ever worked for Russia.”
The Hill: “President Trump late Saturday declined to directly answer a question from Fox News host Jeanine Pirro about whether he had ever ‘worked for Russia,’ calling it ‘insulting.’”
The Washington Post’s opinion editor, James Downie: Pirro’s question “triggered a two-minute rant, none of which included the word ‘no.’”
Similarly questions were raised on the Sunday television interview programs, with CNN’s Jake Tapper, host of “State of the Union,” playing a tape of the Pirro-Trump exchange and declaring, “The president did not directly answer the question.”
The media commentary came full circle with a front page report by Peter Baker of the New York Times, published Monday, which began: “So it has come to this: The president of the United States was asked over the weekend whether he is a Russian agent. And he refused to directly answer.”

Baker’s “news analysis,” an editorial in all but name, declared that this question—in effect, whether Trump is guilty of treason, a capital offense—“has hung over his presidency now for two years.”

What a load of nonsense from our idiotic and wasteful media.  All it's going to take is one 9/11 to send them all scattering yet again from the lawn of Senator Gary Condit and have them insisting that they've learned their lesson.  Remember that?  Does anyone?  They were going to be real and serious and stop the endless chatter by actually focusing on real news.

ADDED 12:48 pm EST 1/16/19, NPR reports, "American troops were killed in an explosion in northern Syria, the spokesperson for the U.S.-led coalition against the Islamic State says. The ISIS extremist group has claimed responsibility."  This is real news, the endless chatter of basic cable 'news' is garbage.

They don't know real news, they know cheap coverage of gossip and that's all they've got, that's all they'll ever have.  They are useless and they waste our time with their drivel.

In the real world, wars take place, wars continue and they don't have time to cover those, they lost interest long ago.  Better to be the global Ethel Mertz than to ever actually provide any coverage that actually matters.

Another 9/11 and they'll be revealed as the useless gossips they are.

Don't think another one could happen?  The Council on Foreign Relations begs to differ.  On their "Top Conflicts to Watch in 2019" is a terrorist attack:

Of the thirty contingencies included in this year’s Preventive Priorities Survey, a mass casualty terrorist attack on the U.S. homeland—or a treaty ally—by a domestic or foreign terrorist was assessed as a top tier priority for the United States in 2019. The contingency was deemed moderately likely to occur and, if it does, of having a high impact on U.S. interests.

Repeating:  "This year, a mass casualty terrorist attack on the U.S. homeland or treaty ally was included as a top tier priority in the Center for Preventive Action’s annual Preventive Priorities Survey."

And still the media wastes all of our time with nonsense.

"The most trusted name in news"?  Did I just hear people chuckle?  Yeah, I think I did.

Remember the Iraq War?

MOOSE81 100214 C17A tracking south over , east of Baghdad. Operation . 1232z

The American media doesn't appear to.  How strange when you remember how many lies that they repeated and concocted to start that illegal war.

US military officers in Anbar province in 🇮🇶, who occupy Iraq against the wishes of the Iraqi parliament...

demanded to inspect Hashd Al-Shaabi units (Popular Mobilization Forces), which Hashd immediately rejected.

Why does the US🇺🇸 continue to treat Iraq like a US colony?

Jane Arraf shows up on NPR's MORNING EDITION today to offer, "There's an ongoing push here among some political parties to get rid of the US troops in Iraq.  The prime minister, yesterday, here said there were 6,000 of them still here."

"Among some"?  It's the Parliament, Jane.

After Trump's Visit Iraq Wants All US Troops Out. wants us out of their country, I don't blame them: parliament demands timeline for foreign troop withdrawal via aaboulenein, Ahmed_Rasheed_R

But she learned to spin at CNN, after all.  Another issue?  If the prime minister is stating 6,000, that's a higher number than the US government has told the American people.  Somehow Jane missed that, didn't she?

Strange she can remember it for Twitter:

Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi tells journalists 6,000 US troops now in . Recent US military numbers put it at about 5,000. Abdul Mahdi says total numbers of coalition troops declined by about 1,000 recently.

And despite the prime minister's claims, others insist the number of US troops in Iraq is unknown.

politician, Nayef al Shamari, says that the does not know the exact number of or in



THE NATIONAL notes MP Wajih Abbas:

"The actual number of US forces in Iraq is 9,000, we do not have accurate information on their whereabouts or what their role is," Mr Abbas said, adding that it is vital for parliament to intervene to reduce their presence on Iraqi land.

Jane Arraf misses so much in her little over three minute NPR segment.

For example, she speaks to and quotes the president of Iraq's spokesperson Lukman Faily.  She doesn't note who he is other than the spokesperson.  Starting in 2013, for example, he was the Iraqi ambassador to the US.  Today, he's just a spokesperson.  Talk about a public demotion.  And, though you'd never know it to look at him, he was only born in 1966.  Apparently, being a coward ages you -- yes, he's yet another person the US put in charge -- another coward who fled Iraq and lived abroad for decades until the US-invaded Iraq.

Meanwhile, MIDDLE EAST MONITOR reports:

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has called on the Iraqi government to disarm 67 Shia militias and freeze their activities in preparation to them being disbanded. In response to the US request, Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi has asked Washington to give him some time to act.

Why the sudden interest?  Hmmm.

Commander: Hashd al-Sha'abi Preventing US Troops' Spying along Iraq-Syria Border

's Hashd Al-Shaabi forces block US troops from conducting survey along Syrian border: report

Does that explain it?

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