Monday, December 31, 2018

Spacey may be innocent

David Walsh (WSWS) writes of Kevin Spacey:

In regard to the Massachusetts allegation, USA Today’s Maria Puente gloated, “Kevin Spacey has probably walked the last red carpet of his Oscar-winning career, but next month he'll be doing a ‘perp walk’ to a Massachusetts courthouse to face a sex-crime charge on Nantucket.”
But the reaction of various Hollywood “celebrities” was even more shameful. Here betrayal and spite are the watchwords. Alyssa Milano, one of the #MeToo initiators whose major claim to fame is having starred on a mindless situation comedy thirty years ago, retweeted a news story about Spacey facing assault charges and added, “And after you read this–then watch the creepy video Mr. Spacey posted after the news broke.”
Actress Ellen Barkin, formerly married to multi-billionaire Ronald Perelman, one of the 100 richest men in America, replied directly and maliciously to “Let Me Be Frank” with “Unfortunately you cannot be frank anymore. You also might find it difficult to be a sexual predator and a pedophile. What you can be is a prisoner. We’d all tune in to see that.” Patricia Arquette likewise tweeted, “I’m sure none of the men who were kids at the time of their sexual assaults appreciate @KevinSpacey’s weird video. No. Just No.” Rob Lowe, possessing the high moral stature of someone who pioneered the celebrity “sex tape” industry in 1988, also mocked Spacey in a tweet. These denunciations proceed from the worst, most selfish and cowardly possible motives.
Oscar Wilde understood what Spacey may not fully, that the complete absence of understanding and elementary sympathy on the part of such people is more of a comment on them and their character than on his. The foul position they adopt toward an individual who faces victimization and humiliation is more their problem than his. As Wilde wrote, “And if life be, as it surely is, a problem to me, I am no less a problem to life. People must adopt some attitude towards me, and so pass judgment, both on themselves and me.”

If Spacey is guilty of assault, he should go to prison.

If his passes made someone uncomfortable?  Grow the hell up.

Likely scenario, 18-year-old struggling with sexuality plays along with older man who buys drinks instead of walking away.  Later, aware people are watching and unable to deal with the fluidity of his own sexuality, 18-year-old insists he was an unwilling participant.

High strung and homophobic Mommy overreacts and takes issue public.

If Kevin Spacey's guilty of something other than a pass, he can go to prison.

But let's stop acting as though a child was attacked.

A little boy who hides behind Mommy wants to make charges?  If that had been my son, I would've told him, "Unless you can go public and speak for yourself . . ."

But I'd never have to tell that to any of my sons or any of my daughters -- they're not pathetic idiots.

They can speak for themselves.

They don't hide behind Mommy.

Heather Unruh was known as a drama queen in this area for years.  It appears she still is a drama queen.  I remember when the story broke thinking how weird it was that she, her daughter and 'their' attorney were present for a press conference but not the son.

I hope little Will Little (her son) is on trial.  He's long been rumored to be a party boy.  I'm not saying anything that hasn't been said about him since he was 15.  (That would be three years prior to the alleged encounter.)

Being a party boy doesn't mean Will can't be assaulted.  But a party boy that Mommy's frequently been ashamed of?  That might mean that there's a lot more to the story than anyone's offering.

The charges against Kevin Spacey are serious.  They will now be presented in a court of law.

We'll see the case ourselves.  If Kevin's guilty, he should be punished.

If a little boy who hides behind Mommy and her homophobia has cried wolf?  I guess I won't be surprised if a lot of Will's 'experiences' end up testifying in court because we've all heard that he's a party boy and we heard that back when Heather was scowling through one news broadcast after another.

It's not a crime to be gay.

This is C.I.'s "Iraq snapshot" for Friday:

Friday, December 28, 2018.  The US press exposes covert ops in Iraq but blames Donald Trump,

Is there any low or lie the press won't go to in order to lie about US President Donald Trump?  There's a reason no one believes the bulk of the pres, the hysteria, the weasel words, the rush to attack.  I don't like Donald Trump and that's from years and years ago.  I have not used that as an excuse to turn this site into THE DAILY HATE TRUMP.  Our focus is Iraq.  I don't know what the focus of the press is other than hate.

It's an obsession and it's one I don't share.  As I've noted before during the Trump crazy, I actually have a life.  I'm an adult with a full life.  I don't have time for all this b.s. of what his wife wore -- I'd have to look her up online to know how to spell her name -- that's how little she matters to my life.  That's also why I referred to her only as "First Lady" this week in the piece I typed (as opposed to dictated).  While we are noting her, she's said to be the first First Lady to travel to combat zone since 1969 (apparently the tripe Hillary made -- that Sinbad and all of MSNBC mocked her for in 2008 -- did not count).

I don't trust the press because I know it.  I know how it lies, I know how it backbites, I know how it distorts.  I've seen it first hand.  But what's happening is the American people are seeing it now.  Even more so than during the lead up to the Iraq War, they are seeing it.  A lot of people in this country are scratching their heads and wondering what the heck is going on?

This really is how the press has always been, it's just now they're being that way in the open.


Is that the screaming headline?

I've never known of a more useless piece of 'reporting.'

But since all the outlets want to insist it happened -- in their headlines -- let's note what actually took place.

Donald Trump posted many photos on his Twitter feed of the visit he and his wife took to Iraq.

This is the one that's become the focus.

.@FLOTUS Melania and I were honored to visit our incredible troops at Al Asad Air Base in Iraq. GOD BLESS THE U.S.A.!

I'm sorry, where does Trump say "covert ops."

He doesn't.

So if someone's exposed them, that would be the press.

I see visual evidence of some people Donald met on a US base in Iraq.  I see they are a group of men in military uniform.

I see that with my own eyes.

The same way any Iraqi near the base would see them with her or his own eyes.  They're obviously non-Iraqi, even if they're not in the uniform.

That visual posted to Twitter exposed nothing.

Nor did his words in the Tweet.

I'm shocked because I know the press is trash (yes, friends in the press, you are my exception -- but if you're really my friend, you know I've felt the press is trash for as long as I've been alive -- and you know why -- starting with the first political scandal).

I know they are trash but I was thinking I'd be seeing something that backed up their claims.  I don't like Donald so I thought, "What stupid thing did he do now?''

Actually, he didn't.

He's in the clear.

It's the press that exposed the covert ops by identifying them as such.

I don't see exposure as the end of the world but the press sure does so maybe they need to do article after article -- screaming headlines with no qualifiers included -- about their own actions.

NEWSWEEK started this crap.  It's always been a CIA cut-out and remains one to this day.

But let's leave their b.s. for a moment to note the other idiots running with it.  "Trump Exposed Location, Faces Of Navy Seals Team In Iraq Tweet" screams the headline at HUFFINGTON POST -- despite the fact that Mary Papenfus writes:

The Office of the Secretary of Defense told NBC that no rules were violated by Trump’s tweets.
“The special operators voluntarily participated in this open press event,” the office stated. “There was no security violation.”

And if you doubt who did the exposure, it was the press.  Even NEWSWEEK garbage article reveals that -- the pool report issued after the embargo said Donald Trump met with special ops.  That same pool report?  It i.d. the chaplain of the special ops team.  So the press did the exposing.

Not Donald.

Special ops?  They're going to go off the base in Iraq.  And when they do, they will be seen as Americans.  And when they are, it will be assumed that they are part of the American troops who are 'training' Iraqi troops.

To get outraged by this non-story, you have to think that the special ops have the power of invisibility or that the Iraqi people are so stupid that they can't even tell a foreigner when they see one.

The story -- even in the screaming lie version -- was not the end of the world.  A security assessment takes place after an incident like this.  If reassignment is determined to be necessary, it takes place.  That's another fact that the press 'forgot' to include in their hysterical and deceitful coverage.

But the reality is that Trump did not Tweet that anyone was special ops.

These are troops in Iraq which the Iraqis are more than aware are present.

The press exposed them and the press needs to own up to that.  And if we need a name, the reporter was Brian Bennett.

But they aren't about the truth, they're about hating Donald Trump.

Which is why you've seen so many headlines about the Iraqi Parliament (usually identified as "Baghdad") being outraged by Trump's visit and insisting it was a violation of their own national sovereignty.  But left out of the hysteria?  The same people outraged are calling for US troops out of Iraq.

The Barbara Starrs won't note that reality because they are all about continuing the Iraq War.  They always have been, the whores have no blood in the game but they wouldn't feel as important if they weren't betraying the American people by cozying up to US officials.  It's an empty and pathetic life but Barbara Starr is an empty and pathetic individual.

Phil Issa (AP) reports:

Iraqi lawmakers Thursday demanded U.S. forces leave the country following a surprise visit by President Donald Trump that politicians denounced as arrogant and a violation of national sovereignty.

Trump’s trip to U.S. servicemen and women at al-Asad Airbase in western Iraq on Wednesday was unannounced and the subject of extreme security, which is routine for presidential visits to conflict regions. But it came at a time when containing foreign influence has become a hot-button issue in Iraqi politics, and it provoked vociferous backlash.

In general it is bad for a president to be impulsive. But Trump’s rash decision to go to Iraq without informing the Iraqi government created a new demand for a full U.S. withdrawal. Perhaps a good outcome.

That's a real story.


There are real stories.  Maybe in 2019, we can grow up and address them?  Starting with Basra.

details challenge of poor governance = rise sub-state actors. Look at Iraq: PMF fill in security gaps/earn legitimacy in ISIS fight. GoI yet to truly bring under state control. Basra protests of corruption/poor services not reconciled = opportunities for exploitation

Iraqi police dispersed on Tuesday fresh protests in the southern Basra province as demonstrations seem to make a comeback decrying poor services.

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