Monday, August 20, 2012

Chris Floyd is a F**KING Ass

In this community, we have the ability to blackball.  If someone is just awful in some way, you announce: I'm blackballing _____.

At which point, none of the sites link to that person anymore. 

It involves more than strongly disagreeing.  For example, my son will take on Tom Hayden, Danny Schechter and others at his site.  He's never blackballed them. 

You generally have to be an outright liar who has done something grossly offensive.

Like Chris Floyd did over the weekend.  I just saw it today.   I've advised everyone that I'm blackballing him and I'm even noting it at my site. 

That pig has gotten on my last damn never.  And he and the other little whores better step back because you push one damn more time and going after sainted Julie Assange and you damn well better believe that the case I outline against him will be much more persuasive than the half-brained talking points his groupies have repeated for years.

Chris Floyd is the latest liar to repeat that what Julian Assange is accused of in Sweden wouldn't even be a crime in America.

I feel sorry for the women who know Chris Floyd!

Let me explain to Chris that my vagina is my vagina.  He has no right to it.

If we f**ked yesterday, that doesn't mean when we wake up in bed you can f**k me again.  You don't own my p**sy and believe me I don't want to own your one-inch prick, Chris Floyd.

One of the women Julian Assange is accused of assaulting has described the experience as she woke up to discover Julian Assange inside her, she begged with him to pull out, he wouldn't, she begged with him to put on a condom, he wouldn't. 

I'm sorry, where is that consentual.  A man refuses to pull out after having entered a woman while she was sleeping.

That's rape.

And it's a crime in any country.

I'm not in the mood for ass wipes like Chris Floyd.  I'm not in the mood for it.

But let me tell you something, bitch boy Chris, I can destroy your little Julian in two posts.  Americans don't tolerate certain things.  (I'm not talking about rape.) And I can portray that asshole truthfully in such a way that he loses any support he still has.

So you stupid f**k wad, leave those women alone.  You don't know a damn thing you write about.  No wonder you don't have a career and your family life is so pathetic.

But that doesn't give you an excuse to trash those women or lie about it.

So go f**k youself, you piece of s**t.

As per usual, when a piece of s**t like Julie Assange is accused of something, other pricks come forward to attack the women.  They should all go f**k themselves.

This is C.I.'s "