Friday, May 04, 2012

Click on 'Classic' for Classic View of this site

To see the site as you're used to, click on "Classic" in the top left corner.

I am having awful problems with my template.  I've never updated it as you've probably noticed.  I'm not in the mood too.  And who has the time?

But I'm starting to have blogging problems as a result of never having updated.

C.I. said, "I'll do it for you. What do you want to keep?"  From the blogroll.  I said to just make it community sites -- because it takes so long to add.

C.I. asked what I wanted the site to look like and I said something simple.

"Gray okay?" 

"Perfect," I replied.

She did all this in a matter of minutes -- she's very computer literate and then some. 

And she gave me and you various options.  Click at the top on any of the one words or click on them here:

and you get a different way to see my blog.  I think "Flipcard" and "Mosaic" are the most fun but I also like "Snapshot."

Since 2005, my blog has had the same look.  And, by the way, C.I. helped me set it up even then -- so thank you for that too.  Now we've got a look I can play with and you can play with on your end too. 

So thank you to C.I.  This is just to give a heads up to what's going on.  I'll do a real post in an hour or two.