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5 A Day Salad in the Kitchen

This nutrient-packed salad uses ten different vegetables, and each serving is equal to five cups of vegetables!
4 servings
Prep time
20 minutes
4 cups spinach leaves (fresh)
4 cups romaine lettuce
2 cups bell pepper ((red, yellow, orange, or green), chopped)
2 cups cherry tomatoes
1 cup broccoli (fresh, chopped)
1 cup cauliflower (fresh, chopped)
1 cup squash (yellow, fresh, sliced)
1 cup cucumber (sliced)
2 cups carrots (chopped)
1 cup zucchini (fresh, sliced)
  1. Wash all of the vegetables and mix them together in a large mixing bowl.
  2. Top this colorful meal with the nonfat or low-fat dressing of your choice.

We've been noting salads lately.  Since May, here are the ones we've noted.

Jamie works for the Dept. of Agriculture.  She didn't post the recipe for 5 A Day Salad  but she e-mailed to note it was there and asked if I could share.  Absolutely.  I'm fine with sharing recipe websites.  Jamie said she'd e-mailed before to my e-mail but I can't find it when I search.  The second time she e-mailed it to common_ills@yahoo.com and I'm honestly more likely to see that and to see it sooner.  C.I. has Martha and Shirley -- among others -- working that account so I immediately hear from them when something arrives.  Here's the main page at the US Ag Dept. for recipes.

If you missed it, the corrupt Supreme Court is taking up a case regarding trans issues.  That scares me and I am sure it scares many other people.  At USA Today,  Sean P. Madden writes:

I write as the proud father of a courageous, kind and empathetic 24-year-old transgender daughter to provide some insight into our family’s experience with gender-affirming care and hopefully to correct some of the most egregious misinformation about it.

In the past year, there has been a tsunami of anti-transgender legislation in the United States, with bills targeting transgender people introduced in nearly every state. These bills and their sponsors are supported by a richly financed group of anti-LGBTQ+ groups such as the Alliance Defending Freedom, which received more than $96 million in contributions and grants in its 2022 fiscal year.

Most distressing is this network’s focus on banning gender-affirming care for adolescents, which has been passed into law in 25 states. We know from our own experience just how radical and cruel these laws are.

When our daughter came out to us as transgender just before her 16th birthday, we listened to her intently, trying to understand what she was going through and how we could best support her. And we questioned, like many parents of transgender children do initially, whether this was just a phase that she would outgrow. In hindsight, we didn’t really comprehend then what it would mean for her to be transgender, but we understood clearly that she was suffering.

And that's all we need to know: that children are suffering.  Parents are trying to help.  If it's not you, why are you trying to stop this?  You don't know anything if you're opposed to it.  I don't usually make these kind of statements but this is a medical issue and I'm tired of all the lying from everyone -- that's Fox News, that's the New York Times, that's everybody.  

You may not like someone else having treatments, being on medication and/or having surgery but that's really not your business.  It's medical treatment and, if it's a child, that's between the parents and the doctor.  It really is that simple.

We're already dealing with wack jobs who think they can tell women what sort of medical treatment and procedures that they can have (like the loons trying to stop IVF) and now we're going to these other crazies?


If you don't want to transition, then don't.  But it's really not your business to decide for others.  I certainly don't want strangers making my medical decisions for me -- or for my kids or grandkids.

This is C.I.'s "Iraq snapshot" for Monday:

Monday, June 24, 2025. Despite right-wing lies, children continue to starve in Gaza, Israeli forces attack the International Red Cross and Red Crescent as well as the office of the United Nations, two US service members object publicly to the ongoing slaughter in Gaza, and much more.

Starting with children, Edward Carver (COMMON DREAMS) reports:

  A 42-year-old white woman has been charged with attempted murder and injury to a child following her attempt to drown a 3-year-old Palestinian-American in the pool of a Euless, Texas apartment complex last month, according toCNN and other media outlets.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the largest civil rights and advocacy group in the United States, called for a hate crime investigation at a press conference Saturday and warned that the incident was part of an alarming increase in anti-Muslim hate since the war in Gaza began in October.

"My country is facing a war, and we are facing that hate here," the 3-year-old's mother, identified only as Mrs. H. due to safety concerns, said in a statement from CAIR's Texas chapter. "My daughter is traumatized. Whenever I open the apartment door, she runs away and hides, telling me she is afraid the lady will come and immerse her head in the water again."

According to CAIR's account and media reports of the May 19 incident, Elizabeth Wolf, a 42-year-old white woman, allegedly approached Mrs. H. making racist interrogations about what country the family was from and the foreign language they were speaking. Mrs. H., a 32-year-old Palestinian-American woman, was wearing a hijab as she watched her two children play in the shallow end of the pool.

Wolf jumped into the pool and tried to drag the two children to the deep end. The elder of the two escaped, but Wolf allegedly held the 3-year-old child's head underwater. When Mrs. H. tried to intercede, Wolf allegedly took the hijab and tried to beat Mrs. H. with it, and also kicked her to keep her away as she attacked the child. A man then rescued the child.

Wolf was initially arrested for public intoxication and was released on bond the next day. She has since been charged with attempted murder and injury to a child, according toCNN. Wolf has again been released on bail after paying at least $40,000 in bond fees. 

Staying on the topic of children, this morning the aid charity Save The Children notes:

At least 10,000 people are reported missing under the rubble, presumed dead. Children are reported to make up 43% of total casualties in this devastating war.

So, it’s reasonable to estimate that at least 5,160 children are dead under the rubble.  

As of February, an estimated 17,000 children were unaccompanied and separated from their families. This number is likely much higher now, with our team in Gaza finding more unaccompanied children every day. 

Furthermore, the bodies of children have been among those recently found in mass graves with many showing signs of torture.

The UN has also raised the alarm about the mass detention of possibly thousands of people, including children, reporting cases of ill-treatment in detention by Israeli forces. 

On the topic of children, in Thursday's "Iraq snapshot," we noted Jonathan S. Tobin's lie that children were not starving in Gaza -- a lie that THE NEW YORK POST attempted to multiply on Friday.  Sunday, ALJAZEERA noted, "Two more babies have died from malnutrition at Kamal Adwan Hospital in northern Gaza, bringing the known death toll from hunger and thirst to 31, health officials say."  But these children apparently never existed in the eyes of Tobin or THE NEW YORK POST.  In the real world, NDTV notes:

Gaza's hunger crisis is also a product of war. The Israeli military invaded the Strip in response to the Oct. 7 cross-border assault by Hamas on Israel. More than 37,000 Palestinians and nearly 1,500 Israelis have been killed since then, Gazan and Israeli tallies show.

The Israeli assault has destroyed swathes of Gazan farmland. In the early days of the war, Israel imposed a total blockade on Gaza. It later allowed some humanitarian supplies to enter but is still facing international calls to let in more.

The International Criminal Court's prosecutor, in seeking arrest warrants for Israeli and Hamas leaders, last month accused Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defence Minister Yoav Gallant of using starvation of civilians as a method of warfare, among other alleged crimes. Netanyahu, calling that move "a moral outrage of historic proportions," said Israel is fighting in full compliance with international law and taking unprecedented measures to ensure aid reaches those in need.

Friday, on DEMOCRACY NOW!, Amy Goodman noted, "The first Palestinian athlete to ever participate in the Olympics died last week in Gaza’s Nuseirat refugee camp after he was unable to receive medical care for kidney failure. Majed Abu Maraheel, a long-distance runner, represented Palestine in the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia, where he was the flag bearer."  DAWN notes that the civilians killed over the weekend include another professional soccer player: 

Palestinian soccer player Ahmad Abu al-Atta and his family were killed in their home by an Israeli airstrike in Gaza, the Palestinian Football Association (PFA) said.

Abu al-Atta, 34, who played as a defender for the Gaza Strip team Al-Ahly Gaza, died along with his wife Ruba Esmael Abu al-Atta, a medical professional, and their two children after the airstrike hit their home in Gaza City, the PFA said in a statement released on Saturday.

Local media reported that the airstrike took place on Friday, but the PFA did not give a date.

As the deaths continue, ALJAZEERA notes this morning, "Israel kills Gaza’s Director of Ambulances and Emergency Hani al-Jaafarawi, considered a pillar in the enclave’s crippled health system, in an air strike in Gaza City."  It's one War Crime after another.  Friday, the Israeli government attacked the International Red Cross and Red Crescent.  CBS NEWS notes that "the United Nations says no place in Gaza is safe and humanitarian conditions are dire as families shelter in tents and cramped apartments without adequate food, water or medical supplies."  Robert Plummer (BBC News) notes that the attacks also left the "the office and residences of the International Committee of the Red Cross" damaged and Plummer quotes the European Union's "foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said the EU condemned the attack and called for an independent investigation and for those responsible to be held accountable." Wednesday strike on Al-Mawasi began.   Aurora Almendral (NBC NEWS) notes, "An investigation by NBC News into seven deadly airstrikes found Palestinians were killed in areas of southern Gaza that the Israeli military had explicitly designated as safe zones, including Al-Mawasi."   

Sunday, the Israeli government attacked the UN aid center.  ALJAZEERA reports:

At least eight people have been killed in an Israeli air attack near an aid centre that was the main headquarters of the United Nations agency for Palestinian refugees (UNRWA) in the Gaza Strip.

The air strike on Sunday hit the main gate of the organisation’s compound in Gaza City in the north of the enclave, injuring multiple Palestinians. The facility is used to distribute the little humanitarian aid that gets into Gaza.

Where's the red line, Joe?

While Joe Biden seems unsure where his previously declared red line went, others have found their own.  Katherine Doyle and Courtney Kube (NBC NEWS) report:

The death of 6-year-old Hind Rajab in February after she was trapped under Israeli fire in Gaza sparked international condemnation — and for Larry Hebert Jr., an active duty U.S. airman, the incident accelerated his decision to seek conscientious objector status from the U.S. military.

“She looks almost just like my daughter, and that was something that was extremely hard to grasp, is that all these children that have aspirations and dreams and lives that many of us are living and want, and it’s wholly unjustified to support what’s happening,” said Hebert, who told NBC News in an interview that he worked directly on a U.S. operation to provide weapons sales to Israel.

After witnessing footage of death and destruction in Gaza, senior U.S. Airman Juan Bettancourt said he could no longer ignore the U.S. government’s role in the war, including its supply of weapons, diplomatic coverage and intelligence.

“I see the slaughter of thousands of innocent civilians,” Bettancourt said during an interview in San Antonio, Texas, “all while the world watches through their smartphones.”

They have a red line.  Joe?  As the War Crimes continue, Joe can't find it.  But REUTERS notes, "Israeli army forces strapped a wounded Palestinian man to the hood of a military Jeep during an arrest raid in the occupied West Bank city of Jenin on Saturday.  A video circulating on social media and verified by Reuters showed a Palestinian resident of Jenin, Mujahed Azmi, on the Jeep that passes two ambulances."  THE NATIONAL notes the man's "family said there was an arrest raid and that he was injured, but when the family asked for an ambulance, the army strapped him onto the bonnet and drove off."   Peter Beaumont (GUARDIAN) reports today:

The Israel Defense Forces have said they are investigating an incident in which soldiers strapped a wounded Palestinian man to the bonnet of a military vehicle during a raid in the occupied West Bank city of Jenin on Saturday.

A video circulating on social media showed a man, variously identified as Mujahid Azmi or Fayyad, from the Jabriyat neighbourhood between the towns of Burqin and Jenin, tied to the front of an off-road vehicle that is seen passing two ambulances.

ALJAZEERA spoke with Mujahid and notes, "He says Israeli forces continued to beat him while he was injured."  Willy Lowry and Mina Aldroubi (THE NATIONAL) report:

Mujahed Abbadeh grimaced as he shifted in his hospital bed, his right arm held by metal rods, as he told The National how he was arrested by Israeli troops, tied to the front of a military vehicle and driven through the streets of Jenin in the occupied West Bank.

The incident on Saturday was captured in a video that caused global outrage and an admission from the Israeli military that Mr Abbadeh's treatment was “in violation of orders and standard operating procedures”.

“I can’t move my leg,” Mr Abbadeh said. “My arm hurts tremendously. I feel very bad about what happened.”

The vegetable seller, 23, said the soldiers beat and abused him as they arrested him, despite finding nothing incriminating when they raided his family home.

“They were hitting me on my head, they were hitting me on my leg before even putting me on the jeep,” said Mr Abbadeh, who in earlier reports was misnamed as Mujahed Azmi.

Gaza remains under assault. Day 261 of  the assault in the wave that began in October.  Binoy Kampmark (DISSIDENT VOICE) points out, "Bloodletting as form; murder as fashion.  The ongoing campaign in Gaza by Israel’s Defence Forces continues without stalling and restriction.  But the burgeoning number of corpses is starting to become a challenge for the propaganda outlets:  How to justify it?  Fortunately for Israel, the United States, its unqualified defender, is happy to provide cover for murder covered in the sheath of self-defence."   CNN has explained, "The Gaza Strip is 'the most dangerous place' in the world to be a child, according to the executive director of the United Nations Children's Fund."  ABC NEWS quotes UNICEF's December 9th statement, ""The Gaza Strip is the most dangerous place in the world to be a child. Scores of children are reportedly being killed and injured on a daily basis. Entire neighborhoods, where children used to play and go to school have been turned into stacks of rubble, with no life in them."  NBC NEWS notes, "Strong majorities of all voters in the U.S. disapprove of President Joe Biden’s handling of foreign policy and the Israel-Hamas war, according to the latest national NBC News poll. The erosion is most pronounced among Democrats, a majority of whom believe Israel has gone too far in its military action in Gaza."  The slaughter continues.  It has displaced over 1 million people per the US Congressional Research Service.  Jessica Corbett (COMMON DREAMS) points out, "Academics and legal experts around the world, including Holocaust scholars, have condemned the six-week Israeli assault of Gaza as genocide."   The death toll of Palestinians in Gaza is grows higher and higher.  United Nations Women noted, "More than 1.9 million people -- 85 per cent of the total population of Gaza -- have been displaced, including what UN Women estimates to be nearly 1 million women and girls. The entire population of Gaza -- roughly 2.2 million people -- are in crisis levels of acute food insecurity or worse."  THE NATIONAL notes, "The Gaza Health Ministry on Sunday reported that 37,598 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces since the start of the Israel-Gaza war on October 7.  The number of injured has reached 86,032, the ministry said."    Months ago,  AP  noted, "About 4,000 people are reported missing."  February 7th, Jeremy Scahill explained on DEMOCRACY NOW! that "there’s an estimated 7,000 or 8,000 Palestinians missing, many of them in graves that are the rubble of their former home."  February 5th, the United Nations' Phillipe Lazzarini Tweeted:


April 11th, Sharon Zhang (TRUTHOUT) reported, "In addition to the over 34,000 Palestinians who have been counted as killed in Israel’s genocidal assault so far, there are 13,000 Palestinians in Gaza who are missing, a humanitarian aid group has estimated, either buried in rubble or mass graves or disappeared into Israeli prisons.  In a report released Thursday, Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor said that the estimate is based on initial reports and that the actual number of people missing is likely even higher."

As for the area itself?  Isabele Debre (AP) reveals, "Israel’s military offensive has turned much of northern Gaza into an uninhabitable moonscape. Whole neighborhoods have been erased. Homes, schools and hospitals have been blasted by airstrikes and scorched by tank fire. Some buildings are still standing, but most are battered shells."  Kieron Monks (I NEWS) reports, "More than 40 per cent of the buildings in northern Gaza have been damaged or destroyed, according to a new study of satellite imagery by US researchers Jamon Van Den Hoek from Oregon State University and Corey Scher at the City University of New York. The UN gave a figure of 45 per cent of housing destroyed or damaged across the strip in less than six weeks. The rate of destruction is among the highest of any conflict since the Second World War."

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