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Google is manipulating search results

prorape deval

Kat's "Kat's Korner: MR Leslie Odom Jr."  went up Sunday and so did  Isaiah's THE WORLD TODAY JUST NUTS "Pro-rape Deval"(above).  That's the awful former governor my state had and he is hideous.  I wouldn't wish him on anyone.

Meanwhile, turns out Google has been manipulating search results.  Andre Damon (WSWS) reports:

An investigation by the Wall Street Journal has confirmed many of the central allegations made by the World Socialist Web Site in 2017 regarding Google’s censorship of the internet.
In an extensive article published Friday, the Journal concludes that, contrary to Google’s repeated assertions, the company maintains blacklists of individual websites and intervenes directly to manipulate individual search results.
On July 27, 2017, the World Socialist Web Site reported that changes to Google’s search algorithm, internally dubbed “Project Owl,” had drastically reduced search traffic to left-wing, antiwar and progressive websites.
The WSWS based its assertions on Google’s public declarations that it was seeking to “surface more authoritative content” and demote “alternative viewpoint[s],” as well as detailed data from the WSWS’s analytics systems and data provided by other websites and publicly available web and search traffic estimators.
Based on these data points, the WSWS concluded that Google was operating a blacklist of opposition news outlets, the primary impact of which was to restrict access to left-wing and antiwar websites.
The WSWS was a central target of this initiative. As we explained: “Google has severed links between the World Socialist Web Site and the 45 most popular search terms that previously directed readers to the WSWS. The physical censorship implemented by Google is so extensive that of the top 150 search terms that, as late as April 2017, connected the WSWS with readers, 145 no longer do so.”

This C.I.'s "Iraq snapshot" for Monday:

Monday, November 18, 2019.   Pro-rape Deval Patrick and Reefer Madness Joe Biden continue to give the wrong impression while protests continue in Iraq.

In the US the race for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination continues.  On Sunday, Deval Patrick set down for MEET AND HEAVY PET WITH THE PRESS.  During the interview, Chuck Todd refused to raise the issue of rape -- even though it's the most pertinent detail about Deval.

Search results

The case of Deval Patrick's former brother-in-law, twice convicted of rape allegations against Patrick's sister, is likely to raise uncomfortable questions for the former Massachusetts governor as his 2020 Democratic presidential campaign progresses.

Raise uncomfortable questions for Deval?  Not from Chuckie's in love Todd.

The facts that Chuck chose to ignore others aren't so willing to overlook.

In 2014 Deval Patrick fired leaders of his state's Sex Offender Registry for trying to force his brother in law to register due to being convicted of rape in California in 1993.

In 2019, that same rapist was sentenced to 6 years for another rape. 1/

  • The victim in the most recent rape said that she came home and found Patrick's brother in law hiding in the closet. He stalking, kidnapped, and raped her. She said that she hoped for a long sentence because she would spend her life in fear if he was out.

  • Deval Patrick declared that his ex brother-in-law did not need to register as a sex offender in MA because he was convicted (in CA) of “spousal rape” instead of “rape.” And he fired two women who intervened in the state system who tried to change it.


    Wait so we have PROOF that George W Bush used RADIOACTIVE weapons to poison innocent civilians and yet all the media repeats is the unproven assertion that Assad gassed his own people? Who exactly is the brutal dictator? It seems America needs to look inwards..

    In 2014, Deval Patrick fired Massachusetts Sex Offender Registry staff for directing his brother in law to register for a California rape conviction. He said the assault of a ex-spouse wasn't that bad. at yesterday told him๐Ÿ‘‡

    Replying to   and

    Not insults. Know the facts before you support. Have him explain these stats pictured below. Ask him what he did to his own SISTER concerning her rape. How he abused his office that sought justice for her. We don’t like his kind. We don’t need his kind. Seek FACTS FIRST.

    Replying to 

    Excuse me... Spousal rape instead of rape?? RAPE IS RAPE SIR! If you don't know that then you're NO BETTER than that orange clown who cheated his way into OUR Whitehouse. U want to run now? WE don't  need U. So stay out of it please!

    The one benefiting the most from pro-rape Deval entering the race?  War Hawk Joe Biden.  Were it not for Deval, everyone would be focusing on Joe's latest nonsense.


    Link to headline article

    Poor Joe.  He's so out of touch.  Remember, REEFER MADNESS was made a long time ago, 1936 -- but only six years before Joe was born.

    A Story of How Joe Biden Lost My Vote Forever:

    Do not allow Joe Biden's Reefer Madness to retake America. Joe Biden is too old to be President as evidenced by his outdated thoughts on marijuana. 
    So NO to 

    Here's another factoid to consider:

    When Joe Biden was born cannabis had only been illegal for 5 years.

    Joe's stance is right on . . . for 1972.  He could have been deputized by Richard Nixon back then.  But we all know better today -- all except Joe Biden who walks around repeatedly asking, "What year is it?  What year is it?"

    Joe Biden, ready to run strong in the 1988 presidential race.

    There are thousands of studies available on / at

    There's no reason to take any politician's (Joe Biden ๐Ÿ˜) word on the topic. (ie: gateway drug)

    Just use their search to drill down to real truth & demand they do the same

    Joe Biden is still questioning if marijuana is a gateway drug, even though research doesn't support the idea

    Legalize marijuana instead because Joe Biden is the gateway to mass incarceration.

    Joe Biden is a gateway assh*le to Donald Trump.

    Joe Biden must not know that most marijuana users don’t upgrade to crack cocaine like his son did.

    . says he opposes legalizing cannabis because he thinks it could be a "gateway drug."

    muses about sending the American military to Mexico to fight the drug war.

    What, and I cannot stress this enough, THE F**K?

    JOE BIDEN: “Okay, team. What policies do we want? We need to swing big here”

    “Uh, people to be nicer to republicans and hope that helps?”

    “Great! Done! No more. Now what do we NOT want?”




    “Of course!”

    “Dogs on skateboards?”

    “Love it!”

    Marijuana isn’t a gateway drug but Joe Biden is a gateway conservative.

    Each day, in every way, Joe Biden is turning himself into a bigger joke.

    As the polls demonstrate, he is moving -- but it's downward, not up.

    In Iraq, the protests continue.

    A student got hit in the street by members of the Iraqi army and got arrested In Almansour .Girls students got the same disgusting treatment today as well for joining the peaceful protests

    Iraq protesters block roads to main Gulf port, southern oilfields: Protests began last month over lack of jobs and public services but have grown into calls for political system overhaul.

    Of all the protests ongoing in Iraq, one of the most economically disruptive is relatively small. As of Monday, demonstrators have resumed blockading the entrance to Um Qasr port.

    At the start of the month, Deborah Haynes (SKY NEWS -- Deborah reported on Iraq, from Iraq, for THE TIMES OF LONDON in the '00s) noted:

    Instead of sectarian divisions, the public has united in anger against the current government of Prime Minister Adel Abdel Mehdi.
    A wave of protest was unleashed across Baghdad and other cities around the country.
    Security forces responded at first with live rounds, killing scores of unarmed protesters and drawing widespread condemnation.
    [. . .]

    They are fed up with widespread unemployment, dire public services and a political elite regarded as corrupt and under the influence of Iran and the US.

    Maya Gebeily (AFP) offers:

    Now, protesters across Baghdad and the Shiite-majority south are demanding an overhaul of the U.S.-crafted system, but the U.S. has remained comparatively restrained.
    It has issued a half-dozen statements condemning violence but stopped short of using its diplomatic muscle to resolve the crisis.
    In the past, Washington would have been “much more overt,” said the top Iraqi official.
    “The U.S. back in 2003 shaped this current Iraqi government structure, which delivered this political class,” he said.
    “Do they want to be engaged in rectifying it? I think the jury is still out.”
    “The bottom line is that the U.S. state-building project in Iraq has failed,” said Kirk Sowell, an analyst who writes the Inside Iraqi Politics newsletter.

    I'll offer that because I am an American citizen and it's my job to call out my own country.  I'm not a whore like over at THE INTERCEPT where they're scissor banging with THE NEW YORK TIMES over Iran.  Leaked cables!!!!!  Oh my.  Those they're interested in?  Not interested when it's leaked cables for the US.  I don't trust Jeremy Scahill at all and I'm not going to believe what he says or how he says he got it.  THE INTERCEPT has burned one whistle-blower after another.

    I think it's laughable that Jeremy and THE NEW YORK TIMES have a take away that Iran has won the Iraq War.  Wow.  That's so new, right?

    So new and so novel!!!!

    It's not like we didn't already know that, it's not like the US Army didn't say that back in January, right?

    Oh, wait, they did.  10 months ago, the US Army already declared what Jerry Scahill tries to pass off as a scoop.

    And they did it without trying to demonize Iran, did you notice that.  Jerry Scahill, he has to demonize.  He dances very well for his corporate masters -- grind that ass into their laps, Jeremy, grind that ass like the whore you are.

    I'm not in the mood.

    Kat's "Kat's Korner: MR Leslie Odom Jr." and Isaiah's THE WORLD TODAY JUST NUTS "Pro-rape Deval" and Isaiah's "No Deal Nancy" went up Sunday.  New content at THIRD:

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