Sunday, December 31, 2006

3,000 US troops dead in Bully Boy's illegal war

My son Mike just called to pass on that the 3,000 mark had been passed in the number of US troops who have died in Iraq. We've got a small party here but I wanted to get online and note this. The mood's shifted as my husband has passed on the news but, that's life. That was what I writing about when the silly ninny for the New York Times was telling people they shouldn't discuss anything 'controversial' at Thanksgiving.

Did it spoil the party? Well too bad. There are now at least 3,000 US troops who will not celebrate another New Year's Eve and there are over 655,000 Iraqis who will not. It's time to end the illegal war. Mike told me everyone was probably using the illustration from The Third Estate Sunday Review's editorial today so I will as well.

The war needs to end. People need to get serious about making it end. Want a happy new year? Start working to end the war. You can find news of rallies and demonstrations to honor the 3,000 lives lost in an illegal war at the American Friends Service Committee.